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Vydurya Lokesh, the visionary founder behind our luxury fashion website. With a profound passion for colors and a wealth of experience in the makeup industry, Vydurya has crafted a unique collection that bursts forth in vibrant hues.

As a South Asian woman, Vydurya understands the power of color and its transformative impact on one's confidence and style. Her desire is simple yet profound: to empower women of color to embrace the rich, diverse tapestry of shades and tones that adorn them.


First Time In India

Unfettered from conceptual limitations and from the strict commitment to stylistic cohesion, the brand's aesthetic codes go beyond its products. Instead, the handbags and footwear serve as tools for self-expression, bringing ideas and ideals to life in a confident and unrestrained manner.

We believe luxury is more than just a price tag. That's why we offer unique Handbag and Footwear combos, making us India's first e-commerce brand to do so. We plan to enter the luxury fashion market with a strong online and offline presence through trunk shows and mall pop-ups. Our teams create meaningful content and luxury experiences that reflect our brand's heritage and purpose.

We strive for constant evolution in thought and behavior to ensure that we remain a symbol of creativity, rebellion, and a daring spirit for the next century and beyond.