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Snake Skin Vegan Brown Handbag + Pumps

Snake Skin Vegan Brown Handbag + Pumps

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Introducing the sophisticated 'Brown Snake Skin' handbag and footwear combo, a perfect fusion of elegance, a luxurious gold snake pattern with a deep brown hue, and a unique heel and footwear design. This combo is designed for the corporate fashionista who seeks to make a professional yet stylish statement.

The handbag is designed to be functional, providing ample space for your essentials, while maintaining a sleek and professional aesthetic.
Complementing the handbag is a pair of footwear that perfectly matches the ensemble. These shoes feature the same deep brown hue and luxurious gold snake pattern, creating a cohesive and polished look. The unique heel design adds a touch of originality and elegance, making them stand out from ordinary

Step into the office with confidence, exude elegance, and captivate with the sophisticated charm of the 'Brown Snake Skin' handbag and footwear combo.

Size (EU) Specifications:

Our product sizes are in EU standards. Refer to our size chart:

  • EU 36: US 5 | UK 3 | Foot Length: 22.5 cm
  • EU 37: US 6 | UK 4 | Foot Length: 23.5 cm
  • EU 38: US 7 | UK 5 | Foot Length: 24 cm
  • EU 39: US 8 | UK 6 | Foot Length: 25 cm
  • EU 40: US 9 | UK 7 | Foot Length: 25.5 cm
  • EU 41: US 10 | UK 8 | Foot Length: 26.5 cm

Sizing Disclaimer:

Our sizes tend to run one size small compared to competitors. Please refer to our chart and consider choosing one size larger if unsure. We aim for your comfort and style. Contact our support for any sizing questions.

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